Appletons Tapestry Wool - Colour Themed Collections

Appletons Tapestry Wools have been produced in England for almost 200 years. Appletons 4 ply tapestry wool and 2 ply crewel wool is sourced and spun in the UK. Appletons Tapestry Wool is 100% pure wool, durable, moth-proofed and hardwearing, all 422 shades provide a unique colour palette for needlepoint, tapestry and embroidery.

With colours ranging from originals used by William Morris, to new collections for today’s designers, Appleton Wool is perfect for heirloom projects and will last for generations. Finest quality Appleton wools, used by designers worldwide.

This Collection Offers Complete Colour Themed Packs. Individual skeins are available for selection under Appletons Skeins