Heirloom Needlecraft Tapestry Needlepoint Kits

Heirloom Needlecraft Tapestry Kits, Heirloom Needlecraft Needlepoint Kits. Stunning Heirloom Needlecraft tapestry kits and needlepoint kits, a premium collection for the true enthusiast.

Heirloom Needlecraft Tapestry Needlepoint Kits are unique premium tapestry designs, colour printed on quality canvas. Heirloom tapestry kits, with fabulous original artwork by UK artists, featuring Celia Lewis. Unique and unusual tapestry needlepoint kits that include everything required to create beautiful tapestry cushions and pictures.

A range of beautiful heirloom quality tapestry needlepoint kits designed and made in the UK.