Metal Embossing Craft Kit Coaster Set of 4 - Pewter

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Metal embossing craft kit with four individual coaster projects. 

Metal embossing is the art of drawing or tracing onto soft metal then using rounded tools to gently push out the metal, producing a raised 3D design. The perfect introduction to experience the art of metal embossing, repousse or metal chasing.

This super metal embossing kit includes everything needed to emboss four stunning coasters and includes: coaster blanks, pewter sheet, soft embossing tools, matte black paint, patterns and full instructions, resulting in a set of 4 lovely finished projects.

A unique metal embossing kit, with 4 pretty projects to make, exclusively designed and made in the UK with both new and experienced crafters in mind.

Presented in an attractive box with full colour image for easy reference. The perfect introduction to this relaxing alternative art craft, lovely for giving as a gift !

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