Glorafilia Bayeux Tapestry Kit Invasion, Needlepoint Kit GL6034

Glorafilia Bayeux Tapestry Kit Invasion, Needlepoint Kit GL6034

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Glorafilia Bayeux Tapestry Kit, The Invasion Needlepoint Kit. A bayeux tapestry kit inspired by the beautifully detailed period panels of the Battle of Hastings.

Bayeux Tapestry Invasion Needlepoint Kit by Glorafilia depicts the story of the great battle; 

'News of Edward's death and Harold’s coronation is carried across the channel to William, Duke of Normandy. William is furious - he claimed that the throne of England should be his and saw Harold as a usurper. William decides to attack England and organises a fleet of warships.

William's men prepare for the invasion. Woodmen fell trees and shape them into planks. The planks are used for building boats which men drag down to the sea.

Once completed William leads his army to the boats; they embark and set sail.The sea is crowded with ships, full of soldiers and horses.’

The design is stitched on 12 holes per inch full colour printed canvas, with pure new tapestry wool, needle, colour image & clear concise instructions. Beautifully presented in a rope handled bag with large colour image for easy reference.

Designed in the UK, Made in the UK. 
Finished Size: 13.5" x 18" (34cm x 46cm).

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One in a set of three Bayeux Tapestry Needlepoint Kits ... enter 'BAYEUX' in the search box to view them all.

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