Tapestry Kits

Tapestry Kits and Needlepoint Kits - What's the difference ?

Today Tapestry Kits and Needlepoint Kits are often used to describe the same product. We are often asked the difference between Tapestry and Needlepoint.

Both Tapestry and Needlepoint are forms of canvaswork, where the the wool or yarn is stitched through mesh canvas.

Traditionally needlepoint is worked using a variety of stitches, and tapestry is worked in half cross stitch, tent stich or basketweave. However, many needlepoint kits can be stitched in standard tapestry stitches if preferred.

The degree of detail depends upon the mesh of the canvas. Larger stitches are used to cover a canvas of 4.5 holes per inch (often cross stitches), down to 18 holes per inch on a fine mesh canvas.

The design is usually colour printed onto the canvas, however counted tapestry and needlepoint kits are also available and a re worked on plain canvas from a paper chart.

Stitched in wool, Tapestry and Needlepoint designs are usually finished as cushion fronts, wall hangings, chair seats and stool tops.Tapestry projects are perfect for kneelers and firescreens too. 

Some Needlepoint Kit designs with fine mesh canvas use perle or stranded cotton thread to give a silk-like finish. This is often the case with needlepoint pictures.