Anchor Artiste Metallic Needlework Thread - Gold 300

Anchor Artiste Metallic Needlework Thread - Gold 300

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Anchor Artiste Metallic Thread - Anchor Artiste for needlepoint, tapestry, textured canvas thread work, decorative trimming, crochet and incorporating into hand knitting

Anchor Artiste has a chain-like construction. It is very pliable and easy to handle and has a lustrous finish for stunning results. Enjoy glistening, stylish and easy to work with metallics, the possibilities are endless.

Slightly thicker than a standard No.5 thread, this gorgeous decorative metallic thread produces the most captivating, elegant needlework artistry. A beautiful, non-tarnishable metallic thread of the highest quality.

This finest quality thread offers a high quality finish and  is washable up to 30°C

80% Viscose, 20% Metalized Polyester

Available in 25g Ball (100metres)

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