Anchor Tapestry Wool Bundle, Mixed Colour Pack of 30

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Anchor Tapestry Wool 

Beautiful shades of Anchor Tapestry wool in our unique Anchor Wool packs, for the new and experienced creative stitcher.

Anchor Tapestry Wool features a tight twist to minimise fraying when working on canvas. The uniform twist and 4 ply construction provide an even coverage on 10 and 12 holes per inch canvas, or stitch double on 7 holes per inch canvas. 100% pure wool, durable, colour-fast, moth-proofed and hardwearing. Perfect for heirloom projects that will last for generations.

Our 30 skein mixed bundle selections offer the opportunity for experimentation, with a random selection of lovely colours to get you started.

Mixed bundles of 30 x 10m skeins provide a wonderful colour selection to add to the discerning stitchers workbox.

10m Skein Bundle - Mixed Pack of 30

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