Beaks and Bobbins Embroidery Kits - Set of 4 Floral Landscape Embroidery Kits

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Beaks and Bobbins Embroidery Kits, Clover Meadow, Summer Hedgerow, Purple Garden and Poppy Meadow. Set of 4 beautifully detailed modern contemporary floral landscape textile art embroidery kits.

Beaks and Bobbins Embroidery Kits combine simple stitches, beautiful embellishments and threads, lovely printed cotton embroidery fabric in gorgeous vibrant colours, calico backing fabric, and easy to follow instructions to bring these flower-filled country landscapes to life.

Perfect embroidery kits for the beginner, or foundation for the experienced, the clear instructions are a guide, including labelled diagrams and a comprehensive stitch glossary. Suitable for those wanting to build their confidence or act as a springboard to experiment with ideas for those who are more advanced

Four unique, very beautiful embroidery kits, perfect for finishing as framed pictures.

Each kit includes quality full colour printed cotton fabric, calico backing fabric, stranded cotton threads, textured silk yarns, metallic threads, beads, sequins, embroidery needle, beading needle, stitch glossary, stich diagrams and full clear instructions.  

Designed and made in the UK

The printed area for each kit measures 16cm x 16cm (6.3" x 6.3") - SET OF 4

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