Osnaburg Fabric, Natural Unbleached Osnaburg Cotton -PER METER (Premium)

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Osnaburg Cotton Fabric, Natural Unbleached osnaburg seeded cotton fabric, a natural woven utility textile fabric, perfect for embroidery, textile needlework project, linings, coverings and more.

Osnaburg fabric of the finest quality Premium Grade. Light to medium weight strong, durable woven cotton seeded osnaburg fabric. A beautiful unbleached natural and very versatile utility fabric, perfectly suited for rustic style needlework projects, backing fabric or bag lining. Osnaburg fabric can be dyed, painted, or printed. A popular fabric for use in all sewing and craft projects where a natural effect is desired.

Osnaburg is a wonderful natural rustic colour with visible seeded markings within the weave; osnaburg fabric has a softer drape than calico and a slightly looser more open weave.

Composition:-  100% Cotton OSNABURG Fabric - Gentle Hand Wash, Machine Warm Wash (Tumble Dry 2-3% Shrinkage)

PRICED PER METER LENGTH –  Fabric width; 115cm wide (44")

Please note:  Multiple quantities will be supplied in a continuous length, in order that you may cut to your own requirements.

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