Prym Sewing Thread Plait Set, Needle Threader and Needle 610650

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Prym Sewing Thread Plait Set, with Needle Threader and Needle.

Prym Pack of 10 x 24 coloured threads in pre-cut 60cm lengths, with a needle and a threader, a fantastic addition to the sewing basket. An invaluable repair / mending thread plait.

  • Provides a good basis for all sewing baskets.
  • Ideal for emergency button sewing, and repairs.
  • A great selection of colours
  • Pre-cut lengths with needle and threader provided.
  • Handbag or desk drawer size for emergency fixing.
  • Useful size for travel.
  • Pack includes 10 lengths of 24 colours
  • Needle and Needle Threader included

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