Symbol of Longevity Embroidery Kit, Bead Work Kit VDV, TN-1182

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Symbol of Longevity Embroidery Kit from VDV Bead Work Collection. Modern Bead Work embroidery, outline printed kit stitched with beautiful Preciosa beads. 

Symbol of Longevity Turtle bead embroidery kit is a beautiful tropical marine wildlife sea turtle bead work embroidery, stitched in glistening beads against a blue printed colour background.

The design uses simple half cross stitch, with one speciality beading thread used to stitch all colours. An uncomplicated and rewarding process to stitch gorgeous textured beads onto expertly pre-printed fabric, with easy guide to stitch placement, covering the entire design subject.

Kit includes quality outline printed satin fabric, preciosa beads, Ariadna Tytan 100 beading thread, beading needle, easy instructions and large cover image for easy reference.

Bead reference colours are printed on the fabric for ease of identification. This is a freeform bead embroidery kit, so no complicated charts are required.

Design size:  11.4" x 14.6" (29cm x 37cm)

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