Tapestry Needlepoint Canvas, Mono Deluxe, Zweigart 10 hpi Per METER

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Tapestry Needlepoint Canvas. Mono Deluxe Canvas, 10 holes per inch Zweigart premium woven canvas for tapestry and needlepoint projects.

This premium Mono DELUXE 10hpi Canvas from Zweigart is a superb blank canvas of the finest quality. 

Each individual strand is woven at the intersection. Being polished and rounded allows the thread to glide easily over the canvas.

Strong and durable, mono deluxe is ideal for any project and the fine 10hpi specification is used extensively in fine stitch-work, being suitable for detailed needlepoint, fine thread work and tapestry.

100% Cotton, 10 holes per inch Antique Natural

PRICED PER METER                                                     METER WIDTH:  100cm

PLEASE NOTE: Orders of more than 1 meter will remain uncut, to allow customers to cut to their own size.

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