Wildlife Needle Minder, Magnetic Needle Keeper, Paraffle

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Magnetic needle minder with artwork base on the unique embroidery kits of Sammy Bishop of Paraffle. Each beautiful needle keeper has strong magnets to rest the needle on the fabric between stitching sessions.

Needle minders are perfect for tapestry, cross stitch, embroidery stitchers, and anyone who loves to sew. Great for holding needles and pins too ! 

With two strong magnets to attract your needle (stopping it from getting lost!), simply pop the needle minder on to your fabric, and let it look after your needle while you're not stitching.  These useful magnetic needle minders can also be used to hold pattern pages together.

The magnets are so strong that you can even use them as fridge magnets or lapel pins!

Magnetic needle minders featuring the work of designer Sammy Bishop, made from enamel - with extra gold edging to highlight the beautiful design.

Designed and made in the UK

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