Zweigart Domino Fabric, Huck, Swedish Weaving 5ct PER METER -Black 720

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Zweigart Domino Fabric for Huck/ Swedish Weaving, 5 count Huck Weave Embroidery Fabric PER METER - Black

Zweigart Domino 5ct Evenweave Huck Weave Fabric - Premium Quality 100% Cotton embroidery fabric. Zweigart Domino is a robust 5 count Huck fabric (5 floats per inch).

Huck Embroidery or Swedish weaving dates back to the 1600’s. A unique form of needlework with the design worked on the top of the fabric, so the thread never appears on the back. Swedish weaving is a very easy technique to learn, with two basic stitches. Today’s wide range of threads give way to new exciting textures, colours and patterns. The stitches are worked in a repeat pattern that's easy to follow and relaxing to stitch.

Zweigart Domino Huck fabric is perfect for cushion fronts, tablecloths and runners, decorative pictures and wall hangings, place mats, bags and home accessories. To stitch you will need 2-3 strands of no.5 pearl cotton, or equivalent, or 2-3 full 6ply strands of embroidery thread, or soft cotton yarn of a similar thickness.

Genuine Premium Zweigart Domino Evenweave Fabric

Composition:- 100% Cotton                                Fabric Width: 60cm / 24"

METER Size: 23" x 39.4"  ( 58.5cm x 100cm)

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