Diamond Dotz Kit, Seascape Kit DD12.029

Diamond Dotz Kit, Seascape Kit DD12.029

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Diamond Dotz Kit, Diamond Dotz Art Kit Seasacpe Saint Maries from Needleart World.

Diamond Dotz kits are creative and addictive, with a beautiful sparkling range suitable for the beginner to the most experienced. Tiny faceted acrylic tiles are individually placed on a pre-printed canvas, using the handy stylus included in the kit.

Seascape is a large beautiful intricately detailed project, perfect for intermediate / advanced crafters. The Diamond Dotz beaded area is the entire design.This creates a lovely three dimensional effect.

Kit includes everything required. Printed adhesive canvas fabric, pre-sorted faceted diamond dotz, stylus applicator tools, wax caddy, craft tray and clear simple illustrated instructions.

Seascape - Intermediate / Advanced Project 

Design size: 63cm x 53cm / 24.8" x 20.9"

Fabric size: cm x cm / " x "

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