Talens Art Creation Blob Paint Set of 3 - PINK/GREY

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Talens Art Creation blob paints, box set of 3 - pink/grey.  A ready-to-use acrylic craft paint to create perfectly even dots or blobs of paint for artistic effects, in three beautiful colours.

Create colourful effects using different techniques, such as layering for a fun 3D effect, or wet-in-wet to create patterns in different colours while the paint is still wet, or pouring techniques to create dripping effects. There is no wrong way to blob paint, so be creative and have fun.

A great way to experiment with creative craft mediums in an enjoyable immersive and relaxing way. No drawing or panting skills required ... just an eye for pattern, colour and creative flare!

Apply the paint directly from the nozzle to a flat surface for the best results. There is no need to mix or thin this paint, simply shake the bottle and start painting.

You will need an art canvas, or any flat surface ... the possibilities are endless !

Contents: 3 x 80 ml 

The 3 colours in this Mint set are:
80ml Pink Lemonade
80ml Blue Haze
80ml Smoke Blue


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