Talens Art Creation Tie Dye Set of 3 - PINK/MAGENTA

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Talens Art Creation Tie-Dye, box set of 3 - pink/magenta.  Add a pop of colour to your clothing, accessories and interior decorations with tie-dye!

Tie-dye is a fun way to upcycle plain fabric, plain clothing, scarves and other fabric items. Create colourful patterns by simply twisting and binding fabric with rubber bands or clips and applying different coloured dyes.

Talens Art Creation Silk dye is a water-based dye that is ideal for dyeing light-coloured natural fabrics. The vibrant colours are ready to use in bottles with fine dosing nozzles for precise application. The set also includes disposable gloves to prevent staining on your hands.

You will need any light coloured natural fabric ... the possibilities are endless !

How to use: For best results, pre-wash the fabric without fabric softener. Wetting the fabric with water before dyeing helps the dyes blend more easily. Twist and bind the fabric with rubber bands or clips. Put on the gloves.

Apply the dye directly to the fabric using the dosing nozzles. For more intense colours, allow the dyes to be absorbed for 24 hours before heat fixing and washing the item. For lighter colours, rinse the item in water before heat setting.

Fix the colours using an iron on high heat setting with protective paper (parchment paper) between the fabric and iron. After heat setting, the item will be washable up to 104 °F/40 °C and suitable for the dryer. Wash the item separately in cold water for the first time to prevent the colours from bleeding. Let the item dry completely and enjoy !

Contents: 3 x 85 ml Bottles, gloves, instructions.

The 3 colours in this Pink set are:
85ml Sunny Yellow 
85ml Bold Pink
85ml Intense Carmine


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